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Books: Wall of Crosses

Wall of Crosses: A Novella

“Raw, gripping, and emotional.” – Adelaide Thorne, Author of THE TRACE


JACOB TAMBLYN is not in the business of keeping tabs on his dysfunctional family. But when his widowed grandfather passes away suddenly, the patriarch’s last will and testament makes a substantial demand of Jacob and his estranged relatives: in order to claim their inheritances, everyone named in the will must work together long enough to clear out the home of the old man and his late wife.

ANDY TAMBLYN would love to know more about the family history that her husband, Jacob, refuses to divulge. Seeing the scenario as her big chance to glean better insight into her darling spouse, Andy joins him in the task—despite sentencing herself to the condemnation of her acerbic mother-in-law, Ruth.

But the assignment proves as overwhelming as it is dire when the family gathers in the house to find that their shrewd figurehead has spent the last year as a hoarder. Tensions rise and drama escalates as old grudges breathe new life, burdens exchange shoulders, and carefully buried secrets—the life-altering kind—threaten to come to light.

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Reviews for Wall of Crosses

“I guarantee Wall of Crosses is unlike anything you’ve ever read before, in the best possible way.” -Ashley | Ashes Books and Bobs ★★★★★

“Goodson wrote a flawless (and I do mean FLAWLESS), edge-of-your-seat suspense novel that will leave your mouth hung wide open with surprise when you’ve turned the final page. Every family has their secrets, but the secrets within this family are deadly.” -Megan | The Moody Mama Reads ★★★★★

“Wall of Crosses messed with my mind in the best of ways. It’s such an amazing debut! I’ve never read anything like it. I kept trying to put the pieces together and figure out which direction it was going to go. That’s one of the magnificent things about this story though because I had no idea! It’s guaranteed to bring out your emotions throughout and make your jaw drop.”-Cici | Theory Of A Dreamer ★★★★★

“Would this be the way of his family until no one remained? A clothesline of selfish motives strung up behind each unforgivable act, hidden truths of unspeakable magnitude taken to early graves, each cadaver lowered into the ground with more secrets than the last.”


-Wall of Crosses

Books: Wall of Crosses

Something Beautiful

Seventeen-year-old Kris Harmon thinks the worst that could happen to her would be A) scaring off her long-time crush Aaron Arsane, who is FINALLY interested in her after years of pining, or B) being stifled by her overprotective father when things with Aaron are just getting started. But when one fateful fight with her dad leads to a life-changing trauma no one could have foreseen, Kris’s life spins out of control – and her only hope is to find something beautiful in the ashes.

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“I don’t want to cry. The moment I do, it means I have something to be sad about, and being sad means I have to accept the fact that it’s really over.”

-Something Beautiful

Meet the Author

Baj Goodson was pretty much created to make up stories. Even before she could form halfway decent sentences, her mind whizzed with adventures and characters, ripe for the picking. Her love of storytelling occasionally translated into tall-tale fibs growing up, but after enduring more than her fill of consequences, she learned to keep the fabrications confined to paper.

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